Twig Christmas Trees


To make a twig Christmas tree you will need twigs, so wrap the kids up warm and head outside to look for a good collection! This craft is best done with a hot glue gun so you will need to supervise carefully.

Twig Christmas Trees

You will need:

  • Dry straight twigs
  • Popsicle stick (lolly stick)
  • Star decoration (such as a large sequin or small fabric stars)
  • Strong glue (we used hot glue)
  • Hanging thread


Break or cut your twigs to different lengths and arrange them so they get gradually bigger, forming a triangle shape.

Cut a length of hanging thread. Double it to form a loop and glue to one end of the popsicle stick.

Glue the star on to the popsicle stick to hide the ends of the thread.

Glue the twigs down the length of the popsicle stick from smallest to largest to form your tree shape.

Hang up your twig Christmas tree and admire!


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