Toilet Roll Wombat


Here's an original way to turn a toilet roll into a wombat! It can be a little fiddly so an adult will need to help younger children, but I'm sure you'll agree that the result is worth it.

Toilet Roll Wombat

You will need:

Toilet roll
Brown paint
Black marker pen
(Wiggle eyes)


  • Paint the the tube brown and leave to dry.
  • Squash the cardboard tube flat.  
  • Cut carefully all along the bottom edge.
  • Using our picture as a guide cut out a wombat shape from the tube.

Toilet roll wombat 2 - side view

  • Fold the head down and open out the body so your wombat stands up.
  • Stick on the wiggle eyes or make dots for eyes like we have done.
  • Draw on a nose.

Our finished wombat
Our finished wombat


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