Stained Glass Colouring Egg


Children can display their Easter drawings in the window with this stained glass colouring egg craft. This is a good craft to try with a mixture of ages and when you need to keep mess to a minimum.

Stained Glass Colouring Egg
Sam's egg

You will need:

Black card
Tracing paper


Fold the black card in half and cut out an egg from the centre of the card. Cut the middle from the egg so you are left with an egg shaped frame.

Glue the frame to a piece of tracing paper and trim around the outside.

Decorate the tracing paper with colouring pens.

Stick your egg up onto the window and let the sun shine through!

Jack's stained glass colouring egg
Jack's egg

Stained glass colouring egg in window
Here's the same stained glass colouring egg in the window.


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