Snake Draught Excluder Craft


We had lots of fun decorating our snake draught excluder - and he's not just a useful room accessory to help keep draughts out, but he's fun to play with too!

Snake Draught Excluder Craft

Sam had fun putting splotches of puffy fabric paint on our snake draught excluder, and picking out his green eyes!

You will need:

Long sock Ribbons, buttons, eyes and other decorative bits
Fabric glue
Fabric paint


Fill the sock with scrunched up newspaper. Tie a knot in the end.

Cut a forked tongue from red ribbon. Glue on to the sole of the sock so it sticks out of the toe. Glue eyes on to the top of the toe section.

Decorate your snake however you like, then put him to use (if you can keep him out of the toy chest!)


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