Sandcastle Collage


Next time you visit the beach, bring home the supplies to make this Sandcastle Collage with your kids! Collect a little sand in a resealable bag or a small plastic food container or tub, and find some small, flat shells too.

Sandcastle CollageYou will need:

Sam's sandcastle collage

Construction paper in blue
Scrap of paper for your flag
Lollipop stick (popsicle stick)
PVA/white glue


Paint the shape of your sandcastle onto the construction paper with a thick layer of glue. Sprinkle the sand evenly over, and leave to dry.

Decide where you want to put your shells, then stick to the picture with a big dab of glue for each shell.

Cut out a small rectangle of brightly coloured paper for your flag and write on your name. Glue a lollipop stick to the top of the sandcastle, and stick the flag in place.


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