Royal Barge Craft


When the Diamond Jubilee flotilla sailed down the Thames, all eyes were on the Royal Barge! It is unlikely that we will see an event like this again, but kids can always have a go at making their own.

Royal barge craft 1
We made two royal barges - this is the first!

You will need:

Juice carton
Cardboard box (a Swiss roll or bread stick box are ideal)
Glitter, gems, stickers, paper
PVA (white) glue
Brown paint


Carefully cut the juice carton in half lengthways. Glue the cardboard box inside the juice carton.

Mix brown paint with PVA glue and paint the barge. The PVA makes the paint stay on shiny surfaces.

When the paint is dry, decorate with little card windows, glitter and anything else you fancy. We made flags from two pieces of patterned paper glued together with a cocktail stick in between, which we poked into the roof of the barge.

royal barge
Another royal barge!


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