Robot Collage


Break out the contents of your junk cupboard and let your kids design their own robot collage!

Robot Collage

You will need:

Old packaging, foil trays, stickers, kitchen foil, shiny paper etc
Large sheet of card

Use whatever bits and pieces you have in your junk cupboard to ‘build’ your robot. We used old cellophane for the arms and legs, the inner tray from a box of chocolates for the body, a foil pie plate for the head and milk bottle lids for the eyes.

When you are happy, glue your robot to the card.

More Ideas:

Older children may enjoy adding twists of wire (copper wire, gardening wire, jewellery wire, etc) and small metal washers, nuts and bolts to their collages. They could also use gold, silver and permanent black marker pens to add detail.


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