Ribbon Egg Craft


This Ribbon Egg is a simple Easter craft, but even the youngest children can manage a very pretty egg to display! The "gluing" part of the craft makes it especially fun!

Ribbon Egg Craft

You will need:

A large polystyrene egg
Lengths of ribbon
PVA (white) glue.
Paint (optional)
Also optional: wooden skewer and pot of playdough


This craft can get very messy. You can make it easier by popping your egg onto a wooden skewer and standing it upright in a pot of playdough!

We left our egg white, but you may like to give it a basecoat of paint before you start. Making sure that any paint is dry, paint the egg with a coat of glue.

Starting from the top of the egg wrap lengths of ribbon around the egg, trimming the ribbon at the top. Continue with as many different strips of ribbon as you like.

When you are happy with your design, paint over another layer of glue to secure any loose edges and leave to dry.


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