A rangoli is a colourful design made on the floor near the entrance to a house to welcome guests. At Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes.

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All About Rangoli, and Rangoli Crafts For Kids

Here at Activity Village you can learn about rangoli by looking at photos and videos, print out some rangoli colouring pages for a simple colouring activity, try out some rangoli fuse bead patterns as a quick and non-messy craft idea, or have a go at some of our more extensive craft projects, which take you through designing and creating rangoli of your own with many different ingredients. Find out all about rangoli and explore our rangoli crafts below...

Rangoli Colour by Number
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Rangoli Colouring Pages
Here is a simple way to create your own rangoli design - using one of our rangoli colouring pages!...
Rangoli Crafts
It is a tradition of Diwali to create beautiful rangoli at the entrance to the house. You may not...
Rangoli Fuse Bead Patterns
Here's an original way to create a rangoli pattern for Diwali - and if you iron it carefully,...
Rangoli Patterns
Here's an interesting rangoli pattern activity for kids. Can they colour in the rangoli design...
Rangoli Posters
These lovely photographic posters show a variety of styles and designs of rangoli - including...
Rangoli Puzzles
We've got a fun matching rangoli pattern activity - and more rangoli puzzles coming soon!
Rangoli Tracing Pages
Tracing these pretty rangoli tracing pages will hopefully inspire the kids to try creating some of...

All About Rangoli

  • Rangoli patterns are traditionally drawn with the fingers using flour, rice grains or coloured chalk.
  • Rangoli can be square, rectangular or circular – or a mix of all three. They are often symmetrical. Rangoli motifs are usually taken from Nature - peacocks, swans, mango, flowers and so on.
  • Rangoli were originally done in small patterns of about 2 foot square, but now entire areas of floor can be covered in intricate designs, often produced by first drawing gridlines in light chalk.
  • We have a number of suggestions below for creating Rangoli designs, suitable for children of all ages and abilities.

Rangoli Examples

Rangoli come in all shapes and sizes! Before you make your own it is a good idea to have a look at a variety of different examples - perhaps you could print some out to look at with your children or sit at the computer together.

Simple rangoli design drawn with rice powder in the dirt
Simple rangoli design drawn with rice powder in the dirt

Rangoli design with diya in centre
Rangoli design with diya in centre

Peacock rangoli design
Peacock rangoli design

We have lots of ideas for making your own rangoli on our rangoli crafts page as well as rangoli posters to print.

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Diwali Crafts

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