Rainbow Fridge Magnet


Spotting a rainbow is always a special occasion, and having seen this pretty rainbow fridge magnet craft I am convinced that every family's fridge needs a rainbow on it!

Rainbow Fridge Magnet

You will need:

Polymer clay (you need the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. However as long as you have red, yellow and blue you can mix the others)
Strong glue


Take a small amount of each colour of clay. Roll into a sausage shape.

Lay the lengths of clay next to one another so they are in the order of the rainbow. Press lightly together so they all stick.

Shape your clay to form a semi circle, trimming any uneven edges with a knife (with adult supervision).

Ask an adult to bake according to the manufacturers' instructions. Leave to cool.  Stick a magnet on the back with strong glue.

Alternative craft idea:

Follow the same method but use a smaller amount of clay to make a rainbow brooch or pin. Attach a brooch fixing to the back when dry.

Rainbow brooch - back view


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