Pumpkin Seed Jack O' Lantern Mosaic


Here is an unusual mosaic idea! Use the seeds of a pumpkin to make a mosaic of the pumpkin itself - but make it as sinister as you can for Halloween!

Pumpkin seed jack o' lantern mosaic

You will need:

Pumpkin seeds (roasted)
Paint (orange, black and green)
Kitchen foil to put seeds on while you paint them


Paint your pumpkin seeds in orange, green and black. The easiest way to do this is to put them on kitchen foil so that they will not stick to anything while they dry. But it is a very messy job!

When your seeds are dry, sketch your design on to a piece of paper. Paint the design thinly with white glue (so you can still see your picture). Fill in the shape with your pumpkin seeds.


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