Puffy Paint Moon


Splattering paint, mixing up shaving foam, puffy painting - what's not to love! And the picture at the end of it is spectacular too, and will go proudly up on display.

Puffy Paint Moon

You will need:

  • Black card
  • White paint
  • PVA Glue
  • Shaving foam


Cover your child and everything around him or her up well!

For younger children, you may want to start by tracing around a round object - perhaps a jar lid - in the centre of the black card. Use a light pencil or piece of chalk so that you can see the circle. Your child will use this as a guide for the moon after the next stage.

Water down the white paint. Dip a paint brush in the paint, then hold it over the card and tap the paint brush so the paint splatters.

Mix together a spoonful of PVA glue and a large squirt of shaving foam. The mixture should be stiff and not runny. Use a popsicle stick or your fingers to paint a puffy paint moon on to your background.


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