Potato Man


These make a super Thanksgiving or Harvest decoration, or are a fun craft for a "healthy eating" study or just for a rainy afternoon! If you intend to display them, make them as close as possible to the time that you want them, and keep them outside or in the fridge so they look fresh.

Potato Man Vegetable Modelling

You will need:

Potatoes or sweet potatoes
Assortment of vegetables
Cocktail sticks

Take a potato (or sweet potato) as your body and use cocktail sticks (they may need to be cut down) to attach other vegetables to form the features. We used broccoli for hair and arms, carrot or the eyes and mouth, a sprout leaf for the nose and sprouts for the feet. You can really let your imagination go.

Note: the cocktail sticks are sharp so young children need to be supervised doing this craft.


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