Polystyrene Dinosaur Craft


Here's a super craft idea for recycling some polystyrene packaging into a polystyrene dinosaur craft! Older children will be fine "carving" their dinosaur on their own, but younger children will need help/supervision.

Polystyrene dinosaur craft
Our polystyrene dinosaur!

You will need:

Polystyrene blocks
PVA glue
Green paint
Coloured drawing pins (younger children could use stickers)
Wiggle eyes

Cut out your dinosaur shape from the polystyrene blocks using a blunt knife. Adults need to supervise closely!

You can cut your dino from one block or build him up from several smaller ones, as we have done here.

Glue all the pieces of your dino together.

Mix the green paint with some glue (about 50/50). Paint your dinosaur and leave to dry.

Stick on the eyes and decorate with drawing pin or sticker ‘spots’.

Polystyrene dinosaur craft - detail
Polystyrene dinosaur craft - detail


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