Pirate Treasure Chest Craft


Fill this pirate's treasure chest with gold, silver and gems. This is a really fun way to practise cutting and sticking and the finished treasure chest will look great on display.

You will need

  • Our pirate chest template.
  • Cardboard (we used an old cereal box).
  • Shiny paper or card. You could use old birthday cards if they are shiny.


Cut out the pirate chest template. Draw around it onto the cardboard and cut it out. 

Cut the lids off the chest. Stick the bottom of the chest on the cardboard. Fold the extra lid of your cardboard down and stick the lid onto it to create a lid for your treasure chest that can be opened. 

Colour in the treasure chest. Try to make it look old and weathered. 

Cut out coins and gems from the shiny paper or card.  Stick them into the treasure chest. 


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