Peg Leg Cow


All you need are three clothes pegs and one lollipop stick, some card, paint, and imagination - and you can create this lovely peg leg cow! Isn't he gorgeous?

Peg Leg Cow

You will need:

  • 3 wooden clothes pegs
  • Craft stick / large lollipop stick
  • White paint
  • Black marker
  • Small wiggle eyes
  • White card
  • Glue


  • Paint the craft stick and clothes pegs with white paint.
  • When they are dry, peg two of the pegs onto the stick so they form legs.  Peg the other one on the opposite side of the stick at an angle, to form the neck.
  • Draw splodges on the cow with the marker pen.
  • Cut two faces from white card. Start with an oval then flatten one end! Decorate with the marker pen and glue a wiggle eye onto each piece.
  • Glue the faces back to back onto each side of the neck peg so that they line up, and join the nose-end together with a splodge of glue.
  • Stand your cow up!

Peg leg cow, lying flat


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