Pebble Bumblebee Craft


Turn a pebble into something special with a bit of paint and imagination! Our pebble bumblebee craft is great for kids of all ages. Of course the painted pebble makes a super paperweight and might be good for a present for parents, grandparents or teachers (although you would need to be careful not to damage the wing...)


Pebble bumblebee craft

You will need:

A large smooth pebble
Yellow and black acrylic paint
Wiggle eyes
White tissue paper (a dryer sheet might be a little longer lasting)


Paint your pebble yellow and leave to dry.

Paint thin black stripes across the body, using our photos as a guide.

Stick on two tissue paper wings and a wiggle eye and your bumblebee is ready to fly!

Pebble bee craft - detail


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