Papier Mache Nest


Here's a fun way to make your own nest for all your home-made (or chocolate) Easter eggs!

Our papier mache nest - empty
Our papier mache nest - empty.

You will need:

Brown paper (parcel paper is perfect)
PVA glue
A bowl and Clingfilm (plastic food wrap)


Turn your bowl upside down and cover with Clingfilm.

Water down your PVA glue (half and half) and rip the paper into strips.

Paint the strips of paper with the glue and lay them across the bowl. Don't worry about overhanging ends as they add to the look of the nest. Keep going until the bowl is covered in several layers.

Leave to dry for approximately 48 hours.

When the glue is dry, carefully remove the nest from the bowl and peel off the

Fill the next with homemade chicks and eggs!

Papier Mache Nest
Our papier mache nest - full!


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