Paper Plate Monkey


Imagine this paper plate monkey on display on the wall - or maybe a whole "flock" of them! It's such a fun and simple monkey craft for little kids, I hope you will have a go.

Paper Plate Monkey

You will need:

Paper plate
Brown paint
Brown card
Paper in cream and different shades of brown
Black marker pen
Wiggle eyes


Paint the plate brown and leave to dry.

Cut a heart shape for the face from paper and glue to the front of the plate.

Cut an oval for the nose from cream and draw on a nose and mouth.  Stick on to the face.

Add the wiggle eyes.

Cut 2 semi circles for ears from brown card and 2 smaller ones from cream paper.  Glue the cream onto the brown semicircles to make your ears and glue to the back of the edge of the plate.


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