Paper Plate Goldfish


Our paper plate goldfish is a quick and easy craft to do with younger children and a school of them makes a lovely display at any time of year - but they might be particularly appropriate for Chinese New Year or your China topic. Of course you can adapt this craft to make all sorts of coloured fish...

Paper Plate Goldfish

You will need:

  • Gold paper plate (if you can’t get one, paint a plain plate)
  • Yellow and orange cellaphane or tissue paper
  • Wiggle eye
  • Glue


Cut a ‘V’ shape from one side of the plate. This is the fish’s mouth.

Take the V shape you cut out, and glue it to the opposite side of the plate to make the fish’s tail.

Cut scraps of yellow and orange cellaphane and glue them to the plate to form the scales.

Stick on one beady goldfish eye!



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