Paper Plate Cockatoo


Turn a paper plate and some feathers into a beautiful cockatoo, perfect to put out on display as part of a bird or Aussie theme, or just to make because ... well, why not!

Paper Plate Cockatoo

You will need:

Paper plate
White card
Scrap of yellow paper
Yellow and white feathers
Black pen


  • Cut the paper plate in half.
  • Glue one half to the plate overlapping the other as your body and wing.

Paper plate cockatoo step 1

  • Cut a tail from white card and a circle for the head. You can get an idea of size and shape from our photo below. Glue into position.

Paper plate cockatoo step 2

  • Glue white feathers over the wing and tail.
  • Glue yellow feathers to the back of the head for the cockatoo's crest.
  • Cut a beak from the yellow paper and glue in place.
  • Draw an eye on your cockatoo!


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