Paper Plate Angel Craft


Transform some simple supplies into this lovely paper plate angel craft - it's a quick and easy Christmas craft for younger children.

Paper plate angel craft

You will need:

Paper plate
Gold card or paper
Flesh coloured card
Wool (yarn)
Sequins, stickers and other decorative bits and pieces


Draw a small circle in the centre of your plate. Cut 4 triangles from the outside of the plate to a point at the inner circle. This will leave you with 4 spokes.

Paper plate angel step 1

Cut one of the spokes into a circle to make head shape.

Paper plate angel step 2

Stick gold card or paper behind the head to form a halo. Stick a circle of flesh coloured card on top for the head and some wool lengths for the angel's hair.

Decorate the wings with sequins, stickers, pens and anything else you have to hand.

Paper plate angel


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