Paper Cup Lantern


This paper cup lantern is a variation on the more traditional cut paper lantern made for Chinese New Year, and we think it is really stunning!

Paper cup lantern tutorial 1

You will need:

Paper cup
Red paint
Gold paint
Gold card
Red thread
Glue (strong glue-stick works best)
Sticky tape


Paint the inside of the cup gold and the outside red and leave to dry.

Paper cup lantern tutorial 1

When the paint is dry carefully cut the rim off the cup and put on one side (to be the handle.)

Cut slits from the rim of the cup to the base all the way around the cup and open out the strips.

Paper cup lantern tutorial 2

Make a tassel from red thread. Make a hole in the bottom of the cup. Thread a piece of thread through the top of the tassel. Poke the ends of this thread through the hole in the bottom of the cup and secure in place with a bit of sticky tape.

Cut a strip of gold card about 2cm wide and 15cm long. Tape the ends together to form a loop.

Glue the ends of the "prongs" from the side of the cup to the inside of the loop (see photo below). This can be a bit fiddly so you are best to start at opposite sides of the cup. When every piece is glued on gently press down on the top of the lantern so that the strips bend out.

Paper cup lantern tutorial 3

To finish, take the rim of the cup that you cut off earlier, cut off a loop to be a handle and tape in place.


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