Panda Magnet


Kids can whip up this panda magnet in no time, and display it proudly on the fridge! Alternatively, instead of attaching a magnet to the back you could attach a safety pin or brooch back and wear your panda! Cut out the pieces in advance for smaller children to join in and enjoy sticking a panda magnet together.

You will need:

White and black craft foam
2 wiggle eyes
Black marker pen


Cut a circle from white craft foam for the face.

Cut two smaller circles of black foam. Glue these on to the face where you want the eyes to go. Stick a wiggle eye into the middle of each.

Cut two larger circles of black foam. Glue these on to the edge of the face for the ears.

Cut a nose from black foam and glue it to the middle of the face. With a black marker pen draw on the mouth.

With strong glue attach the magnet to the back.

panda magnet craft


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