There are about 340 islands to Palau, an island country in Micronesia. You can see one below! You can also colour the lovely flag, or print it out ready coloured, and learn a few fun facts about the country.

One of Palau's rock islands
One of Palau's rock islands

Interesting Facts about Palau

  • The Republic of Palau is an archipelago of 340 islands and atolls in Oceania, to the southeast of the Philippines.
  • In 1783 Captain Henry Wilson and the Antelope ship were wrecked on Ulong Island. After 3 months he returned to England with a local man, Price Lee Boo, who lived with his family in London.
  • Only 8 islands are inhabited. The capital, Koror, is home to almost all the 21,000 population.
  • Jellyfish Lake is named after the millions of harmless jellyfish that live there!
  • Palau banned shark fishing in 2009 to protect the 130 species of shark and created the world’s first sanctuary, Shark City, where scuba divers can swim.
  • The Rock Islands are a group of 200 forest covered limestone outcrops which are now a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Palau Flag

Palau Flag

The blue background of the Palau flag represents the Pacific Ocean, and the slightly off-centre yellow circle symbolises the full moon. It was adopted on 1st January 1981.

Our Palau Flag Printables

Palau Flag Colouring Page

Palau Flag Colouring Page

This colouring flag of Palau should end up with a lovely bright yellow orange "sun" in the middle of a bright sky blue background. It's a striking flag!

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