Number Chicks


Number Chicks is a dice game which helps children with number recognition and includes a fast and fun variation for older kids. You can play it as a pencil and paper game with our printable sheet, or as a file folder or board game using our printable game board. We have two versions of a printable game board you can use below. This game is similar to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.

Age: 3+

Skills: Number recognition, pencil control, counter play


One die (numbered)
Printable sheet or game board
Pencils or counters

Pencil and paper game

Print out a “Number Chicks” printable sheet for each player. With the youngest child starting, take it in turns to roll the die and colour in the appropriate chick. If you roll the same number again, you miss your turn. The winner is the first to colour in all their chicks.

Junior board game / file folder game

Print out the colour version of the game onto card stock and laminate, or stick to the inside of a file folder. Alternatively, have the children colour in the black and white version to create their own. Give each player a small pile of counters of their own colour.

Youngest child rolls first. He places his counter on the chick with the corresponding number, then passes the die to the next player. If there is already a counter on the appropriate chick, you miss your go. When all the chicks are covered, count up the counters to discover the winner.

Board game / file folder game variation for older kids

This is a fast, two-player game for older children. You will need a pile of about 10 counters for each player (in their own colour) as well as 2 dice (or try 3 dice for an even faster game).

The younger player starts by rolling the dice and placing a counter on the corresponding chicks. Each chick can hold a maximum of 2 of the same-coloured counters, at which points that chick is “held” for that player and the counters may not be moved or added to. If there is only one counter on a chick, it may be bumped off by the other player if he rolls the same number. Continue until all chicks are “held” by one or other player, then count to find the winner.

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Number chicks game board


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