Mystery Box


This is a great game for the beginning of a party, when you are still waiting for guests to arrive and you need to keep individual children amused...

Mystery Box

Age: 4+

You will need:

A variety of objects
A large cardboard box
A tablecloth or towel
A paper and pencil for each player


Assemble a number of objects (you can decide on a theme or make the objects totally random) and place in a large cardboard box. Cover with a tablecloth or towel so that nobody can see into the box.


Give each player a pencil and paper and ask them to feel inside the box and identify the objects. When everybody has had a turn compare notes and award a prize to the person who has correctly identified the most.


You could have a toy box and include a plastic animal, a toy car, a Barbie doll, a cuddly dog, a rattle, a skipping rope (tied up) and a marble.

You could have a holiday box and include some suntan cream, a pair of sunglasses, a swimsuit, a book, a drink can, a seashell and a flip flop.


You could have an unrelated selection and choose one or two surprising items (perhaps flubber or gunge), which will give the children a shock when they find them!


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