Minibeast Puzzles


Lots NEW! Our selection of minibeast puzzles is growing. We had dot to dots, complete the picture puzzles, mazes and much more.

Complete the Minibeast Picture Puzzles
A cross between a drawing activity and a puzzle. The minibeasts on our complete the minibeast...
Minibeast Dot to Dots
Our minibeast dot to dots can help children with pencil control, counting skills and some come in...
Minibeast Grid Copy Puzzles
Grid copies are great for building concentration, observation and pencil control skills - but of...
Minibeast Mazes
We've a whole variety of shapes and styles to our minibeast mazes, something for everyone.
Minibeast Sudoku
We have thre minibeast sudokus to puzzle over here. A twist on the traditional sudoku puzzle as...
Minibeast Word Puzzles
We've word searches, crosswords, how many words puzzles and more all on a mininbeast theme for...
More Minibeast Puzzles
We've even more minibeast puzzles for you to print and enjoy, including odd one out, counting...

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Minibeast Games
Minibeast Games

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