Marshall Islands


Colour in a flag for the Marshall Islands or print one out, and enjoy some of our fun facts about this chain of volcanic islands.

Majuro town centre, Marshall Islands
A view of Majuro town centre, Marshall Islands. Not just any old town centre!

Fun Facts About the Marshall Islands

  • The Republic of the Marshall Islands is an archipelago of 29 atolls (ring-shaped reefs) which contain over 1000 islands. It sits between Australia and Hawaii in the northern Pacific.
  • Originally settled by Micronesians, the country is named after John Marshall, a British Naval captain who had sailed from Botany Bay with the first convict fleet in 1788.
  • There are 2 parallel chains of islands called Ratak (sunrise) and Ralik (sunset).
  • The capital, Majuro, is very narrow - only about 100 metres wide! You can see a photo of part of Majuro above. It is home to more than half the entire population of 75,000.
  • From 1946 - 1958, Bikini Atoll was used for testing nuclear weapons after the inhabitants were relocated.
  • As the islands are only 2 metres above sea level, climate change is a real threat to the country's long term future as sea levels rise.
  • The whole country was made a shark sanctuary in 2011.
  • Divers are attracted to the shipwrecks and sealife that inhabit the coral barriers and lagoons.

The Marshall Islands Flag

Flag of Marshall Islands

The flag of the Marshall Islands has a blue background to represent the Pacific Ocean. The orange and white stripes symbolise the two island chains, the Rotok and Ralik. The flag also has a white star with 24 points (one for each district). It was adopted on May 1, 1979.

Our Marshall Islands Flag Printables

Marshall Islands Flag Colouring Page

Marshall Islands Flag Colouring Page

The flag of the Marshall Islands is very unusual and striking, with a dark blue background with white "star" and orange and white "flash" across it. Print out this colouring page so that the kids can colour it in - it's a great way to help them remember.

Marshall Islands Flag Printable

Marshall Islands Flag Printable

If you need a printable version of the flag of the Marshall Islands, you have come to the right place. Download the PDF file below for four different sizes.

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