Marbled Eggs


Marbled Eggs are fun for kids to make - and pretty to display at Easter, too. You will need marbling inks, which are available in most craft stores. We've used bright colours but pastel colours would make pretty Easter eggs.

Marbled Eggs

You will need:

Marbling inks
Plastic eggs
Old large yogurt pot or small bucket
Wooden skewers or pipe cleaners


Fill your bucket about 2/3 full of cold water. Drop a few drops of marbling ink into the water and stir with a skewer or pipe cleaner. Add more colours, stirring after each until you are happy.

Use a wooden skewer or pipe cleaner to hold an egg (they usually have small holes in them) and dip the egg into the water, swishing it around to make sure the entire egg becomes covered in ink.

Stand the skewer in a pot so the egg can dry.

Marbled Egg 2


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