Make a Wishing Tree


There is a very famous, ancient banyan tree in Lam Tsuen in Hong Kong to which people travel at Chinese New Year and during other festivals to leave their own special wishes. First they write their wishes on colourful red wishing paper, then they tie them to oranges, and throw them up into the tree. If the wishes stick, it is thought that they will come true!

Chinese wishing tree, prayer tree

The Wishing Tree gave us an idea for a Chinese New Year craft. Make your own "wishing tree" for Chinese New Year by printing out our Chinese designs scrapbook paper or encourage the children to design their own, and write out your own wishes for the New Year. Tie to oranges or apples with colourful ribbons, then get throwing!

Editor's note: Sadly the original wishing tree in Hong Kong became so laden down with wishes in 2005 that one of its branches broke off and injured the people standing below. Wishes are therefore being placed near the tree rather than in its branches while it recovers.


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