Lovebug Craft


Children will enjoy making this cute little lovebug for Valentine's Day - it's perfect to give to friends and family!

Lovebug Craft
Our lovebug - so cute!

You will need:

Craft foam
Chenille stems
Gems and heart stickers
Double sided tape or glue
Wiggle eyes


Cut a strip of craft foam and punch holes along the length.

Cut a chenille stem in half and then thread through the holes, shape the foam into ‘bumps’ and glue or tape the foam to the ends of the chenille stem.

Fold up one end and stick on the pompom.

Use a short length of chenille stem folded in half and then stuck on top of the pompom as the antennae.

Add two wiggle eyes and decorate with sticky gems and heart stickers.

Lovebug detail


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