Ladybird Beanbag Craft


Here's a quick craft project to do with the kids. You'll need basic sewing skills to make this cute ladybird beanbag craft. And of course you can play with the beanbag when you've made it!

Ladybird beanbag craft

You will need:

Red felt
Black felt
Black thread
Mini black pompoms
Dried beans or peas
Wiggle eyes
Fabric glue


Cut one oval of red and one oval the same size of black felt.

Cut out a ‘head" shape from the black felt (using our photo as a guide) and sew it to the red felt oval.

Backstitch a black line down the middle of the red oval.

Ladybird detail showing backstitch

Sew the two ovals together leaving a small gap. Fill the ladybird with beans and sew the gap closed.

Glue on some pompoms for the spots (you could also use small circles of black felt) and the wiggle eyes.


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