All over the world, children (and adults) fly kites and enjoy an outdoor activity which is thousands of years old, so we thought it would be fun to create a mini topic for kites here at Activity Village. Kites were first found in China in the 5th century BC, made of silk and then paper, and now you can find many wonderful, colourful designs of all shapes and sizes all over the world.

The kite is also a very useful "k" word in the classroom! We've got all sorts of kite activities below, from colouring pages to crafts to worksheets.

Kite Colouring Pages
We've got all sorts of kite colouring pages here, from simple for younger children to quite...
Kite Crafts
Have a go at a kite craft, inspired by the ideas below. We've got a Chinese themed kite as well...
Kite Printables
Have fun with this collection of kite printables, including alphabet and number posters,...
Kite Worksheets
Have some fun - and learn something too - with these fun kite-themed worksheets and learning...

Learn about China

As kites originated in China, why not include a look at China when you investigate kites?



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