Junk Robot


This is a favourite rainy day activity in our house ... and somehow no matter how many times we make robots, they always turn out differently!

Junk Robot

You will need:

Old boxes, tubes, bottle lids etc
Sticky tape
Grey paint or kitchen foil

Use whatever bits and pieces that you have in your junk cupboard to build your robot. Use sticky tape to stick the parts together. You can of course glue, but we like a quick result!

Junk robot before painting

Paint your robot (or wrap the robot in kitchen foil for an even quicker result, or if you want to keep the kitchen clean!)

Stick on bottle lids as eyes and don't forget to add some buttons!

Editor's note: Josh has always maintained that the best robots stand up by themselves and are BIG! Matilda's robots have tended to be smaller and prettier, with more attention to detail :)


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