Jellyfish Lapbook


Why not have a go at making your own jellyfish lapbook? Kids love making them so learning about jellyfish becomes a fun, creative activity, and you can store them away for children to get out and enjoy again in the future. We've provided our suggestions for some activities to include below, but you can pick your own as appropriate for your children's ages from our Jellyfish section.

Our jellyfish lapbook

How to Make Your Jellyfish Lapbook

First, take an A4 document wallet. Fold it out and cut off the flaps that stop papers from falling out. This will give you a big piece of card. Fold the edges into the middle so that they meet in the centre.

Choose a picture of jellyfish to put on the cover of your lapbook and make a bold title. You might need cut your picture down the middle to open your book.

Jellyfish lapbook cover

Choose activities that you would like to do as part of your research project.

Stick the activities, images and mini booklets into your lapbook. You can experiment with where to stick each item to choose the best layout for your project.

The finished inside of our jellyfish lapbook

You can be as creative as you like with your lapbook - remember it’s your project! Our activities are just ideas to get you started. 

You can find a printable version of these instructions below, which you can give to older children working independently if you prefer.

Suggested Activities for Your Jellyfish Lapbook

Common UK Jellyfish Fold Book

Common UK Jellyfish Fold Book

Print, cut out and concertina fold this little booklet - perfect for a jellyfish lapbook! Chldren can do some simple research on the different common UK jellyfish we've included.

Jellyfish lapbook instructions

Jellyfish Lapbook Instructions

Here's a printable version of our jellyfish lapbook instructions, in case you want to give a print-out to older kids so that they can work on their lapbook independently.

Jellyfish Vocabulary Flip Book

Jellyfish Vocabulary Flip Book

Help the kids learn the difficult vocabulary of a jellyfish with this little flip book printable. It's designed to be used in a jellyfish lapbook, but would also be fun to make to pin to the board when learning about jellyfish.

More Jellyfish Activities

Jellyfish Puzzles
Jellyfish Puzzles

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