I Spy a Car Rainbow


This game works well both as a competition or as a shared project when you can work together to compete against the clock.

I spy a car rainbow

Age: 4+

Begin by trying to spot a red car.

When you have spotted a red car, you can move on to orange. Orange cars are quite rare so you can apply a bit of colour mixing. If you spot a red and a yellow car close to each other you can call 'orange'.

You must now spot a different yellow car for yellow.

Work down the rainbow to green (yellow and blue), blue and purple (blue and red).


  • Compete to see who can complete the rainbow first. Give everyone paper so they can keep track.
  • Spot the colours in any order.
  • Introduce white as a 'wild card' which can act as any other colour. As there are many white cars on the road, you might want to limit it to one wild card per game!


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