I Packed My Suitcase..


I Packed My Suitcase is a classic memory game which is useful for all sorts of occasions, from a doctor's waiting room to a long car journey! You can adapt it to all ages of kids, and adults enjoy playing as much as children.

I Packed my Suitcase

Age: 5+

The first player thinks of a word beginning with the letter “a” and then says, for example:

“I packed my suitcase with an apple”

The next player repeats the sentence and adds something beginning with “b”, for example:

“I packed my suitcase with an apple and a banana”.

The next player adds a word beginning with “c”:

“I packed my suitcase with an apple, a banana and a canary.”

Play continues until someone can’t remember the list or makes a mistake. Depending on their age, you can either prompt them or disqualify them! Keep going until all players but one are disqualified, or until you reach the end of the alphabet.


If playing with young children, it helps to make the words as silly and colourful as possible – they are more likely to remember them!

If playing with older children, you can make the game even more difficult by choosing a noun and an adjective for each letter of the alphabet. For example,

“I packed my suitcase with an active antelope, a brown bear and a chilly chicken”.


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