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Home Education or homeschooling laws vary around the world so it is important that you are aware of those that apply in your state and country before you begin any planning.

Here in the UK, while things vary slightly, in general you are not required to follow the National Curriculum, use a time table or show evidence of plans. There are many acceptable ways of providing your child's education.

The planning pages we provide are aimed at helping those home educators who find it useful to plan ahead. We have provided a wide breadth of planning pages which have a lot of flexibility in how you choose to use them hoping to suit as many requirements as possible.

Weekly Home Education Planners
These weekly planners are designed to be simple and low on ink for adults to use for their planning...
7 Day Weekly Schedule 5
Some children feel more secure when they can see plans and schedules. These bright and cheerful...
Termly Home Education Planners
These termly home education planners are designed to support home educators wanting to plan longer...
Useful Home Education Planners
We have a varied offering of useful home education planners for you to use. We have pages to...

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