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Activity Village is lucky to have many members who are home educating their children. Many of our resources can be used to complement home education - whether you are looking for educational worksheets or some fun hands-on ideas to fit in with and build your children's interests.

Because we have visitors from different countries and with different needs and expectations, we made a decision years ago not to follow a particular curriculum but instead to provide a fun "take" on traditional subjects and fill in gaps where we couldn't find resources that we liked elsewhere. That doesn't mean that you won't find resources that back up your teaching!

  • For day to day learning the best place to start is our Learning page - not just for the classroom!
  • Build numeracy skills in younger children with our Maths Stage by Stage or explore all our Maths Resources.
  • Keep things lively year round with our multi-cultural Holiday Calendar, which provides themed activities for special occasions and holidays throughout the year
  • Build interests and tie-in subjects with our Topics pages - covering everything from animals to sports to rainbows to robots ... if your child has a passion, look here!
  • Travel the world and explore the world's countries, flags and maps in our Around the World section
  • Dip into history and learn about famous writers, explorers, scientists and more! Our History Topics and Famous People are full of interesting information and printables to help
  • Start the day with our Daily Record Sheets - and get every day off to a good start!

Specific Home Education Resources

Home Education Planners
Home Education or homeschooling laws vary around the world so it is important that you are aware of...
Not Back to School
September - or January in some parts of the world - is of course the big "Back to School...

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