Harvest Moon Puffy Painting


Create a washed background with watery paint and then make your harvest moon stand out against it with this homemade "puffy paint" technique. The result is a lovely, textural piece of art!

Harvest Moon Puffy Painting

You will need:

  • Orange paint (or red and yellow to mix)
  • Card
  • PVA glue
  • Shaving foam


Water down the orange paint. If mixing your own you could make this a yellowy orange.

Paint over the card to make a 'wash' for the sky.

Use unwatered down paint to paint crops along the bottom of the card.

Washing the sky and painting crops in the foreground
Washing the sky and painting crops in the foreground

Set aside to dry.

Mix together a spoonful of PVA glue, some orange paint and a large squirt of shaving foam. Mix together. The mixture should be stiff and not runny (ours was a little too runny but we still like it). Use a popsicle stick or your fingers to paint a puffy paint moon on to your background.


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