Guess The Petals


This is an excellent game for concentration, quiet, and learning about nature - although you don't have to tell the children that is what they are doing! Perhaps you could find a selection of flowers and compare the results? Play it on your own at home, or make it a party game.

guess the petals

Age: 5+

You will need:

A flower with lots of petals (choose according to the age of the child/children) such as a rose, daisy etc. Pencil and paper

How to play:

Place the flower in front of the children and ask them to study it, then guess how many petals it has and write down the number.

Now pull off the petals carefully and, together, count the number. If appropriate for the age of the child, you could place the petals in rows or piles of 5 or 10 to make counting easier.

As a party game:

Play as above, awarding a prize to the child who guesses nearest the correct number of petals.


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