Goldfish Kite Craft


We didn't intend this goldfish kite craft to fly - but the kids will have fun putting it together and it looks spectacular in a Chinese New Year display!

Goldfish Kite Craft

You will need:

Gold card
Orange tissue paper
Wiggle eyes


  • Roll the card into a tube and staple in place.
  • Cut strips of tissue paper and glue or staple them to the inside of one end of the tube.
  • Cut two 'fins' from tissue paper.
  • Stick on the fins and the eyes.
  • Punch a hole either side of the goldfish's head.
  • Cut a short length of string. Tie one end to each hole to make a loop.  
  • Finish by tying a long length of string - by which to fly the kite - to the loop of string.


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