Glittery Stained Glass Easter Eggs


The children will have some sprinkly glittery fun making these stained glass Easter eggs - and they look wonderful hanging in the window, too!

Glittery stained glass Easter eggs

You will need:

Clear sticky back plastic (book film)
Black card
Black wool (yarn)


Fold the black card in half and cut out an egg from the centre of the card. Cut the middle from the egg so you are left with an egg shaped frame.

Cut a piece of sticky back plastic to the same size as the card. Peel off the backing and stick on the card so the 'window' is covered by sticky film.

Use the black yarn to 'draw' a pattern, pressing it down hard onto the sticky side of the plastic so it stays in place.

Fill in one area of the pattern at a time, by tipping on a small amount of glitter and spreading it around up to the yarn edges. Repeat until all areas are filled.
Only when all areas are filled shake off the extra glitter and you are left with a sparkly picture to hang in your window.

Glittery stained glass Easter eggs 2

Glittery stained glass Easter eggs 3

Glittery egg in window
Here's the same egg displayed in the window!

Glittery stained glass egg craft 2
And another pretty egg on display!


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