Glittery Snowflake


Here is a glittery snowflake craft for kids which can be done with all ages. The result is a very pretty snowflake which can be hung in your window or on your Christmas tree. It is made in the same way as our tissue paper snowflake and doesn't even require glue!

Glittery Snowflake craft for kids
A pretty glittery snowflake!

You will need:

Contact film


Cut a circle of contact film. Fold in half. Then fold into 3 so you have a wedge shape.
Carefully cut small bits out of the edges. Be careful not to cut right the way through the folds.

Unfold, and you have your snowflake. Now peel off the backing to expose the sticky side and cover the snowflake in glitter.

As you can see in the photo below, these look wonderful taped to a window.

Our snowflakes and snowmen displayed in the window!


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