Glitter Glue Snowflake


This glitter glue snowflake is quick and fun to make and is suitable for all ages. Younger children can keep their snowflake designs simple or trace designs you have created, while older children can get really got to town! Display in a window or hang on the Christmas tree.

Our glitter glue snowflake
One of our glitter glue snowflakes

You will need:

Glitter glue
Optional: A snowflake design drawn (or printed) onto paper


Simply draw a snowflake shape on to the acetate with glitter glue. Leave to dry and trim around the edges.

For younger children or to make a more complex snowflake, tape your acetate over a pre-drawn or pre-printed snowflake design and trace with the glitter glue.

Either tape to your window or punch a hole and tie on a loop of thread with which to hang it on the tree.

Our snowflakes and snowmen displayed in the window!
These glitter glue snowflakes look so pretty in the window!


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