Follow the Star!


This easy Christmas craft for kids can be adapted for all ages depending on dexterity.

You will need:

Black construction paper or card
Gold cord or thread
Large needle
(Gold pen)

Draw an age-appropriate star outline on the black construction paper - either in pencil on the back of the paper if you want an invisible star, or in gold on the front of the paper.

For younger children you will need to do this step yourself. Lay the paper on top of a folded towel or lots of newspaper, and prick, with the needle, a series of holes along the outline of the star. Space them about 1/2 inch apart.

You may choose the draw lines to join the points of the stars and then across the middle of the star, rather than following the outline of the stars.

Thread the needle with a length of gold thread and push it through the first hole from behind. Secure the end of the thread with a small piece of sticky-tape. Carry on sewing around the star, making sure that you end by going through to the back and finishing off in the same way.


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