Felt Star Softie Craft


Cut, decorate, stitch and stuff this cute felt star softie - then display it proudly on the tree, or hang from a door-knob for some Christmas cheer!

Felt Star Softie Craft

You will need:

Yellow felt
Needle and thread
Sequins, buttons and other decoration
Fabric glue
Toy stuffing



Cut two felt stars and sew them together with blanket stitch (younger children can do a simple running stitch around the edges instead). Leave a small gap to fill the star with stuffing.

Stuff the star. Now cut a length of ribbon and fold in half to make a loop, and push the ends into the star. Sew the gap closed so that the ribbon is secured in place.

Decorate your star however you like. We stuck on sequins and a length of ricrac braid.


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