Felt Robin Softie


This felt robin softie craft for kids produces the cutest little Christmas tree decoration - one we are sure will be treasured forever!

Felt Robin Softie
Our felt robin softie - too cute for words!

You will need:

Brown and red felt
Needle and thread
Ribbon (optional)
Fabric glue
Pair of wiggle eyes
Toy stuffing

Felt robin template
Felt robin template


Cut 2 robin body shapes from brown felt using our template to help.

If you plan on hanging the robin, cut a length of ribbon and slip the ends between the two felt bodies so the ribbon hangs from the top of the head.

Cut two feet from yellow felt and sandwich between the two bodies so they stick out from the bottom of the robin.

With a small running stitch sew the bodies together, securing the ribbon and feet in place. Leave a gap with which to stuff the robin.

Fill the robin with toy stuffing. Be careful not to overfill, robin should sit fairly flattish.
Sew the gap closed.

Glue on the eyes. Cut and glue on a beak. For the breast, cut a red felt oval and glue on to the body.


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