Felt Easter Eggs


Tracy takes us through the process of making these gorgeous felt Easter eggs to decorate your Easter table this year. Children can use their imagination to come up with some really pretty Easter egg designs!

Felt Easter Eggs in Basket

Needle felting, or dry felting, is a simple way of transforming wool into felt creations. It requires little by way of equipment but does involve the use of very sharp needles so children will need supervision. Felting needles are very sharp and are barbed – this is what helps mesh the wool together to form the felt.

You will need:

Assorted wool rovings (available online or from large craft retailers)
Felting needle (available online or from large craft retailers)
Polystyrene egg shape (available from craft retailers)

Needle felt Easter egg supplies


Place a layer of wool rovings on to your egg – it is probably easier not to try to cover the whole egg at once.

Felt eggs step 1

Very carefully stab the needle through the wool into the egg – and that is the basic process! You will need to work your way over the wool many times. Initially you are just trying to ensure the wool stays in place on the egg and starting the felting process.

Checking for patches

Once you are satisfied that the first piece of wool roving is secure add more pieces and repeat the process until the whole egg is covered. Next you need to ensure that there is an even covering of wool so check for any patches - if you find any, add more wool rovings there and repeat the process.

Filling in patches

Finally, once you are happy that the egg is evenly covered, you need to continue stabbing the egg to create the felt – this can be a fairly quick process for an adult but a child will take longer due to their developing hand-eye coordination so may need help or encouragement to complete a whole egg. (My own 8 and 10 year olds completed a small egg quite easily, but my 6 year old came back and completed one over a few sessions).

Completed plain egg

You may want to add more felt to decorate your eggs. We added small pieces of wool roving to make spots on our eggs.

Attaching decorations

Completed decorated spotty egg!
Here is the completed spotty egg.

Felt Easter eggs
Use your imagination in your designs!

Alternatively you could add felt decorations to your egg – simply make your felt shape and then felt it on to your egg.

Attach decoration to egg

Completed decorated egg
Here is the completed egg with bunny design!


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